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New Addition to the Shop
Scott Wymore     Andy McCoy Race Cars is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Wymore to the company. Scott joins AMRC as an experienced fabricator. Before joining Andy McCoy Race Cars, Scott worked with Jerry Bickel Race cars building chassis. Prior to that, Scott spent 9 years doing fabrication and hanging bodies for Jerry Haas Race Cars.  Scott brings 14 years of extensive knowledge to Andy McCoy Race Cars and will play a significant part in helping to further build and promote the capabilities of Andy McCoy Race Cars.
Scott Ray's 6.07 @ 233mph

DSB_7214.jpgThere was lots of anticipation in the pro mod pits during the US Nationals in Indy.  Scott Ray arrived Thursday ready to debut the brand new ‘53 Corvette built by Andy McCoy Race Cars.  The car was completed a month ahead of schedule and only hours before Scott’s departure for the “Big Go”.  

New Car Coming for Scott Ray

Scott Ray's 115 inch wheelbase Corvette is being completed by Andy McCoy Race Cars. The Pro Modified features a McAmis '53 Vette carbon fiber body. Paint will be red with gold foil lettering. The frame is black powdercoated. ETA - Indianapolis to debut for the US Nationals.
New Car for Ohio Crankshaft
ohio_crankshaft.jpgScott Ray, driver for the Ohio Crankshaft NHRA AMS Pro Modified, will soon be sporting a new ride.  The new Andy McCoy built car will soon be ready for Ray to finish the 2007 race season with.

New Pro Mod Duster Body

Andy McCoy Race Cars is presently working on a revolutionary composite 1970 Plymouth Duster Pro Mod body kit. Much like McCoy's current '57 Chevy Pro Mod, the new Duster body will be a one of a kind piece of art. The body, which will be completed by the end of 2007, will take and keep the Pro Mod class where the fans love to see it, with low 6-sec nostalgic doorslammers going close to 240 mph.

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