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New Pro Mod Duster Body

Andy McCoy Race Cars is presently working on a revolutionary composite 1970 Plymouth Duster Pro Mod body kit. Much like McCoy's current '57 Chevy Pro Mod, the new Duster body will be a one of a kind piece of art. The body, which will be completed by the end of 2007, will take and keep the Pro Mod class where the fans love to see it, with low 6-sec nostalgic doorslammers going close to 240 mph.

This radical new body design will introduce a new dimension to the class. It will not only be visually stimulating, but functionally operational to boot. McCoy, a chassis builder by trade, will make the proper changes to the Detroit version by sectioning, chopping, and channeling the original to make it worthy of present Pro Mod performances. McCoy states, "We are really excited to complete this project. It will be produced by a leading composite racing body manufacturing company. It will be a top quality product that is both structurally sound and lightweight. I just think it's time for another muscle car to be brought into the Pro Mod scene. I plan to do just that with my great staff at AMRC".

The body will be available in both Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass. It will also be set up for a deck lid mounted spoiler or a free standing element style wing.


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