Andy McCoy Race Cars was founded in November of 2000. Andy McCoy has always had a passion for cars and he and his father Stan built street machines and street rods at an early age. Andy started his professional racing career in 2005 when he built his first ProMod 57 and competed in NHRA events in 2006 and 2007. Doing this on his own budget and learning to tune clutches and motors at the same time while showing how well his chassis and driving skills were was a tough challenge, but he and his team overcame the challenge and qualified for all but one event in the 2 year span. As he learned at the race track he started improving some of the safety that goes into these promods. In 2006 Andy suffered a major fire at the U.S Nationals and experienced a very valuable lesson on safety. Andy was the reason to have Fresh Air installed in the promods as it is mandatory in most classes today. Andy McCoy Race Cars was also the first to implement the ISP Head Restraint devise in the car, that was debuted in Scott Rays Ohio Crankshaft car. Today Andy McCoy Race Cars are still on the cutting edge of Safety and Performance. Today Andy and his team not only build state of the art chassis, but they also have a Carbon Fiber shop that they build their own bodies, tubs, flat sheets, trunk kits, etc. that gives the race car its light weight and sleek look. Andy McCoy Race Cars is also expanding into a catalog for anything you might need for your Race Car or Hot Rod at home. Next time you have a project or are looking to build a top of the line 5 second Promod, then please remember Andy McCoy Race Cars and give us a call @ 636-239-5033