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Learn the Art of Bead Rolling in Our Two Day Workshops

Learn Bead Rolling Skills

How much time and materials have you wasted bead rolling, and have failed to produce any notable projects? How many times have you been frustrated by the fact that you are unable to get the bead rolling process right, and how many times have you given up on bead rolling because of this?

Maybe you have tried many different methods and tools for bead rolling, but none of them work for you. You have wasted your time and money on trying to find a method that works, without any success at all.  Surely you’re okay with wasting all that time and materials, gone. Forever. 

bead rolling

Bead rolling is a simple process, but it’s not easy.

If you want to be successful with it, you need the right tools and techniques. The right tools will make your job easier and more efficient; without them, it will be hard to get good results.

Even with the right tools you still need the bead rolling techniques.

The techniques are what will make or break your bead rolling, and without them you’ll be wasting your time. As a result, you’ll probably waste even more money on materials that don’t work.

bead rolling sheet metal

Do you want your bead rolling to go from boring to fantastic?

If you want your bead rolling to go from boring to fantastic our 2 day bead rolling workshop is where you can learn all about making amazing bead rolling metal art. We look forward to seeing you then!

In this workshop, you will learn the following:

  • Explanation of bead rolling dies
  • How to transfer an image to metal
  • Different metals aluminum and sheet metal
  • Explanation of the bead rolling machine. 
  • Basics of how the bead roller works
  • The different dies and how they work
  • How adjustable shaft works
  • How to bead roll comfortably
  • Explanation of different metals and how they bead roll
  • Learning die pressures
  • Learn how to do borders
  • Layout tools and how we use them
  • Laying out project from picture to sheet metal
  • Learn tipping die
  • Learning depth and perception and how to bring an image to life
  • Specifics of bead rolling aluminum
  • Create a second project from concept to completion in Aluminum
  • and more!

Join our Bead Rolling Workshop

You can pay and and we will contact you for scheduling or call us for dates and information at 636-239-5033.

jamey jordan bead rolling