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Honda Talon Quick Release Sway Bar Link

AMRC Off Road Sway Bar Quick Disconnects are an industry leader thanks to their ease of use. The Sway Bar Links quickly disconnect and swing up out of the way for unrestricted axle articulation during off-roading. While connected for smoother terrain, the link provides immediate reaction during sway bar loading to eliminate excess play.

Honda Talon High Clearance Radius Arm Set

Add strength and style to your UTV with our  High Clearance Radius Rods.  These light-weight radius rods are a direct bolt-on replacement with much improved strength and durability.  Camber settings can be adjusted with chromoly rod ends for fine tuning your suspension.  Our high clearance radius rods reduce the risk of catching and breaking in uneven terrain.

Carbon Fiber Roll Cage Protector

Branches and rocks got your roll cage looking all beat up?  Now you can get that new look bakc and protect from further damage.  Our carbon fiber roll cage protectors install simply with a bead of silicone.

Universal Roll Cage Clamp

These clamps open to 2.16″ and will not scratch your roll cage paint.  With the included brass stud and two threaded 10-32 screw holes you can secure just about anything to your roll cage.

Honda Talon
Honda Talon
Honda Talon