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Learn the Art of Beadrolling

with Andy McCoy

Beadrolling Classes are coming soon!


Wanting to learn a new skill?

Maybe start a career in metal art?

We will be offering on site bead rolling classes teaching you how to professionally bead roll.

From the basic bead rolling skills to advanced topics.

This is where we teach you the skills to take your beadrolling to the next level.

Class details are still being finalized so stay up to date and shoot us your email below.


About Andy McCoy

Andy McCoy Race Cars was founded in November of 2000. Andy McCoy has always had a passion for cars and he and his father Stan built street machines and street rods at an early age. Andy started his professional racing career in 2005 when he built his first ProMod, a 1957 Carbon Fiber Chevy, and competed in NHRA events in 2006 and 2007. Doing this on his own budget and tune clutches and motors at the same time while showing how well his driving skills were was a tough challenge, but he and his team overcame the challenge and qualified for all but one event in the 2 year span.

Andy has used his beadrolling skills in his race cars for 20 years and has progressed to creating some of the most iconic firewall designs in racing today.  Andy’s metal art is not limited to race cars but he sells his metal working art at art galleries and shows.  

Andy has a passion for beadrolling and sharing his skills helping others excel in their metal art craft.

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