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Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Racing Parts

Racer tested

We aren’t just a manufacturer of carbon fiber products we are racers too.  Our carbon fiber products are the result of over 25 years of continual racing experience and research.


Structurally unique

Our unique process utilizes a honeycomb core between multiple layers of carbon fiber resulting in superior strength while remaining lightweight.  We never cut corners and put lesser material in the middle where you can’t see it.  All carbon bodies are aerospace grade carbon fiber throughout.  We use a 2×2 twill aerospace grade carbon fiber giving you the most strength and the lightest weight possible.


No cutting corners

All of our carbon fiber products are vacuum bagged resulting in even resin penetration and the specialized preparation of our molds gives you the best looking and glossiest finish on the market today.

Beat the heat

Our unique carbon fiber process is durable under the extreme heat of the track. 


Fit and finish

We give you a body with superior fit and finish.  This means less filler which saves you on prep time and best of all it saves weight.  You won’t need 2 gallons of filler for our cars because we put the effort into making them fit right from the beginning.

Hidden costs

Our bodies have window cowls and rockers built into each one, except the ’57 Chevy which doesn’t need rocker panels.  Avoid the hassle and hidden costs of other bodies where you have to purchase items separately.

So many choices

Glass, Carbon, Clear Carbon... what does it all mean?

Fiberglass body

This is the most cost effective choice for racers.  Three layers of glass with an incorporated foam core structure placed in areas where added strength is needed.  Fiberglass is heavier than our other options and not as strong as carbon based bodies.  Shipped with a gray gel coat finish.

Carbon Fiber body

Three layers of aerospace carbon fiber with a honeycomb core give these bodies their incredible light weight and durability.  Almost half the weight and stronger than fiberglass.   Shipped with a gray gel coat finish for paint or a wrap.

Clear-Carbon body

You won’t believe your eyes as you look though the clear high gloss resin into the carbon fiber weave itself.  Save weight and time because you won’t need to prep, fill, and sand.  A paint job can cost over 10k but you won’t need to paint with a clear carbon body because it’s ready to go out of the box.

Strength and Beauty

You've seen them at the races.
We are proud that our bodies are on track with some of the top racers in the world.  The reason the pros choose us is obvious.  Our bodies are beautifully detailed and stand up to the rigors of the track.

1979 Corvette

Our newest body style and fast becoming a favorite among racers around the world.

1969 Chevelle

By far the crowd favorite.  The Chevelle is one bad looking car.

1970 Duster

The Duster body is THE choice for Mopar fanatics.

1957 Chevy

The body style that started it all.  There’s no better looking ’57 Chevy out there than this one.