1979 Corvette carbon fiber body kit

79 Corvette carbon fiber body kit

The amazing ’79 Corvette carbon fiber body kit.  Years of research and development along with hours of track time go into each fiberglass body and carbon fiber body we design.  Our carbon bodies are laid up by hand in our composite shop under the highest standards.  Every mold we use was crafted by us with exceptional attention to detail.  Racers who purchase our bodies expect the best and we aim to meet that expectation every time.


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  • 79 Corvette Complete Body

    $ 9,960.00$ 27,300.00
  • 79 Corvette Front Clip

    $ 3,360.00$ 10,320.00
  • 79 Corvette Main Clip

    $ 4,320.00$ 13,200.00
  • AMRC Composite Doors

    $ 1,200.00$ 3,600.00