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30oz FireAde Bottle with FREE Roll Cage Holster

$ 65.00

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Keep your FireAde Bottle at Hand
With the FireAde Holster you can secure your bottle on any roll cage.
Securely attach and quickly remove with two velcro straps.
The extinguisher works great while in the holster because seconds count in an emergency.
Your Very Own Firefighter in a Can!
Don’t fight fires… extinguish them Non-corrosive, water based, easy clean point and spray fire extinguisher you can take anywhere.

Formula Facts

Classes A/B: NFPA 18/2006 wetting agent & UL 162 foam liquid concentrate
Lower fluorine rating than most Class A foams (Approved by USDA Forestry)
Will not clog/corrode components, equipment, etc. like other Class B foams
5+ years shelf life
Does not require yearly testing
Cannot be refilled
Available in 16 and 30 oz bottles
Nitrogen Propellant
It is not Coast Guard approved but is very effective on boats and watercraft
Does not stain simply wipe away
rapidly cools any surface
Will not harm surface
Odor free
Will spray up to 17 ft for 90 seconds


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