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67-69 Camaro Wing Carbon Fiber

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67-69 Camaro Wing Carbon Fiber

Our in-house composite team has specifically designed this carbon fiber camaro wing to fit your 1st generation Camaro for a killer rear spoiler.

There is no better 1st gen Camaro wing on the market today.  

Our Carbon/Glass wings work great at speeds up to 150mph above 150 mph we recommend a Carbon/Carbon wing.

Carbon/Carbon and Carbon/Glass have the same outer appearance the only difference is the Carbon/Carbon is three layers of vacuum bagged carbon fiber and the Carbon/Glass is two layers of carbon fiber with a layer of fiberglass in the middle.

There is a lip on the body side of this racing wing which provides a place to attach the wing to the body and the wing features a separate wicker bill thats roughly 4" wide with a 3/4" lip.  The kit includes end caps see below for mounting kits.

The wing is around 62" in length and 23" in depth (including the wicker).  Each wing will have cut lines marked to guide you through the custom fit to your own car.

With a purchase of one of our mounting kits you will have the ultimate carbon fiber drag racing wing.

This listing is for the wing only and does not include the mounting kit

Choose from our wing and spoiler mounting kits:

Available in a grey or clear finish.

Grey is suitable for painting or wrapping to match the car.

Clear is a great alternative for a high end appearance Includes side panels, deck, and wicker

We recommend fabricating angled aluminum pieces to attach the spill plates to the wing. 

Some trimming will be required to ensure quality fit.

(Images are of a custom installation using our carbon fiber mounting kit)

Note due to idiots running our country, supply shortages are causing delays in production. 

Be patient and allow 8 to 10 weeks for production.

Additional information

Model Year

67-68, 69

Composite Type

Carbon/Glass, Carbon/Carbon


Clear, Grey


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