Carbon Fiber Drag Wing – Fits Factory 69 Camaro

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69 Camaro Carbon Fiber Drag Wing

Our in-house composite team has specifically designed this carbon fiber drag wing to fit your 1st generation 69 Camaro for a killer rear spoiler.

There is no better Camaro carbon fiber drag wing on the market today.

There is a lip on the body side of this racing wing which provides a place to attach the wing to the body and the wing features a separate wicker bill thats roughly 4″ wide including the 3/4″ lip.  Your wing order will include four pieces, the deck, the wicker bill, and two end caps.  For mounting hardware kits see below.

Our wing is around 62″ in length and 23″ in depth (including the wicker).  Each wing will have cut lines marked to guide you through the custom fit to your own car.

With the purchase of our mounting kits you will have the ultimate carbon fiber drag racing wing.

This listing is for the wing only and does not include the mounting kit

Choose from our wing and spoiler mounting kits:


You get to choose between Carbon Fiber or Carbon Glass.

What’s the difference between the two?  BOTH have the same appearance of high gloss black carbon fiber incased.  You really can’t tell the difference just by looking at them.  Carbon Fiber has three layers of high quality carbon fiber and is vacuum bag formed for twelve hours.  This results in a lighter and stronger wing than the Carbon Glass.  But don’t think that carbon glass is weak because it’s not.  Instead of three layers of carbon, carbon glass has two layers of carbon with a layer of fiberglass in between and it’s not vacuum bagged which makes it a little heavier (sorry we don’t have exact weight numbers for you).

Which carbon fiber drag wing should you choose for your car?

We recommend that for race cars going over 140mph you use carbon fiber.  Carbon glass just won’t hold up well at high speeds and will crack.  If you are running under 140mph carbon glass will give you the same look as the carbon fiber but at a more affordable price.  Of course you can run Carbon Fiber at lower speeds too with no problems the choice is yours.

What finishes are available?

Our carbon drag wings are available in a grey gel coat which is great if you are planning to paint the drag wing.  Gray gel coat is the same finish we use on our Andy McCoy bodies.  It gives you a great base for painting or even applying a wrap if that is your goal.

Or you can go with the clear high gloss black carbon finish that gives you a high end appearance.  Again, just to be clear, carbon fiber or carbon glass both have the same look to them.  They are the high gloss black carbon fiber that you come to expect in the drag racing industry.

We suggest fabricating a couple of angled aluminum pieces to attach the spill plates to the wing.  Some trimming will be required to ensure quality fit of your carbon fiber drag wing.

How do you cut your carbon fiber drag wing?

Our carbon fiber drag wing cuts easily with a jig saw, tin snips, zip wheel, or band saw.  If the cut is a little rough don’t worry, you can sand the carbon drag wing easily with some 100 to 220 grit sand paper.  Even though you might be scared to work with an expensive piece of carbon fiber it is surprisingly easy to cut and sand.

Just a note, the image shown in the pictures are of a custom installation using our carbon fiber drag wing mounting kit.  If you need hardware for mounting your wing see our choices of wing mounting kits above.

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