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Bead Rolling Class

$ 1,500.00


Learn How To Bead Roll 

Have you struggled with bead rolling in the past?  Warping the metal too much?  Ruining material?

In our two day in person class Andy will teach you the skills you need to take your bead rolling from blah to wow!

This is a hands on class where you will be bead rolling and Andy will guide you through the process.

Learn how to bead roll sheet metal, learn the different bead rolling dies, see how to transfer your bead rolling art to the metal, and much more.

This is your opportunity to ask an expert the questions you have and learn from Andy's years of experience.

In this bead rolling workshop, you will learn the following:

  • How to transfer an image to metal
  • Different metals aluminum and sheet metal
  • Explanation of the bead rolling machine. 
  • Basics of how the bead rolling machine works
  • The different bead rolling dies and how they work
  • How the adjustable shaft works
  • How to bead roll comfortably
  • Explanation of different metals and how they bead roll
  • Learning bead rolling die pressures
  • Learn how to bead roll borders
  • Bead Rolling Layout tools and how we use them
  • Laying out project from picture to sheet metal
  • Learn bead rolling tipping die
  • Learning depth and perception and how to bring an image to life
  • Specifics of bead rolling aluminum
  • Create a second project from concept to completion in Aluminum
  • and more!

You will complete at least two projects from start to finish one in aluminum and one in sheet metal.

Classes are held in our chassis fabrication shop in Washington, Missouri.

Price includes lunches on each day and all materials for bead rolling.

You are responsible for lodging accommodations.



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