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Black Smash Rivets 1/8″ x 7/16″ (50pk)

$ 21.00

Black Smash Rivets 1/8" x 7/16" (50pk) with a 1/4" head

Sold in a pack of 50 Rivets

Achieve professional results by using black smash rivets to attach your dzus quarter turn fasteners and other hardware by using solid smash rivets.

Black Cap Head 1/8" Diameter x 7/16" Length x 1/4" Head

Use these to attach to our Self Eject Dzus, Doubler plates, and Backing plates to your body or interior panels.

A solid rivet is a permanent, extremely strong mechanical fastener that is cost effective.

Rivets should be cut to one and a half times the thickness of the material which you are fastening through and you can use our Rivet cutting tool to cut the rivets to size.

Installation of a solid rivet requires access to both sides of the material.  You can use a smash rivet tool for securing the rivet.

Choose from our selection of Smash rivet tools



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