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Carbon Fiber Sheets 4×8

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Carbon Fiber Sheets 4×8

Carbon fiber sheets are perfect for saving weight while finishing your build like a pro.  

4’x8′ Sheet of our high quality gloss finish carbon fiber are available in either Carbon Glass or Carbon Fiber.  Both carbon glass and carbon fiber have the same glossy carbon look.  The carbon fiber is 50% lighter and also stronger.  We recommend using carbon fiber on high horsepower (+1000hp) cars that experience shake.  

You can cut the sheets with a zip wheel, fine tooth jig saw, air saw, or a sharp pair of tin snips.  We use a stomp shear if you are fortunate to have one in your shop.

One common use for our flat sheets is to fabricate a custom drag racing wing for your build using our wing mounting kits

Actual size after trimming is around 47″x95″ for carbon/glass and 46″x94″ for carbon/carbon

We ship your sheet Rolled Up via UPS for a discounted price of $38.99.  When you receive your sheet unroll it and and allow it to sit flat.

  • Carbon/Glass is around .05″ (1.27mm) in thickness and approximately 12.25 lbs. for a full sheet
  • Carbon/Carbon is around .04″ (1.06mm) in thickness and approximately 9.55 lbs. for a full sheet

Carbon Fiber flat sheet

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Composite Type

Carbon/Glass, Carbon/Carbon


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