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Carbon Fiber Wheel Tubs – 40″

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40" Carbon Fiber Wheel Tubs

Our carbon fiber wheel tubs are made according to our strict specifications.  If can't make them right we don't make them at all.

Have you ever seen those carbon fiber wheel tubs with a dull finish like someone rubbed them with a scotch-brite pad?  That's because they didn't buy our tubs.  We hate that dull look and take care to produce the glossiest carbon fiber wheel tubs on the market.

In addition to these wheel tubs making your car look great they are strong with reinforcement built into them. Each wheel tub has been hand laid in house by our experienced composite technicians. These tubs are easy to install and cut down on installation time.

What the heck is Carbon/Glass?  Why do you call it that?

Don't be fooled some shops list their tubs as carbon fiber but in reality the inner layer is fiberglass.  We offer that too, it's called Carbon/Glass.

We also produce a pure Carbon Fiber Tub (it's what we run on our ProMod builds) it has THREE layers of carbon fiber.  Ask the others how many layers their "Lightweight tubs" are.  If it's only two be be prepared for problems.


  • Carbon/Glass tubs are approx. 10 lbs. before trim.
  • Carbon/Carbon tubs are approx. 5 lbs. before trim.
  • 40" Diameter
  • 24" Wide
  • 20" Tall

Price includes a pair of wheel tubs ready to be trimmed and mounted.

If your looking for carbon wheel tubs for your large tire car check out these 47" carbon fiber wheel tubs

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Carbon/Glass, Carbon/Carbon


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