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Davis Technologies Bump Box 200

$ 449.00

Davis Technologies Bump Box

Don't roll through the beams anymore or be forced to stage too deep.  With Davis technologies Bump Box you can precisely stage your car in small increments giving you consistency at the tree.  The Bump box does not replace your transbrake but works with it allowing you more control at staging.

How The Bump Box Works

So you’ve heard what the Bump Box is designed to do, but how does it work? Let’s answer that.

The Bump Box is a stand-alone device that uses your transmission’s transbrake solenoid to control the forward motion of the race car. Davis, one of the best with electronics in the business, set out to create a product that could deliver a very brief signal to the solenoid, allowing for a more precise range of movement — a pulse, of sorts, so minuscule that it could harness thousands of horsepower ready to pounce and make it roll forward as delicately as a toy pushed by the wind if you choose to set it up that way.

“It can be made to move smoothly or it can be hard if you want it to be that way. Some like it to set up hard because they think it preloads the tires and suspension, but others think that’s part of the problem. For drag racers, there’s a thousand ways to do everything.”

One press equals one increment of forward motion. So if you intend to deep stage, for example, you could quickly press and depress the button two or three times to bump the car forward one or two extra increments.

The Bump Box and it’s button don’t replace your standard transbrake, but rather, work in tandem with it. To operate the Bump Box, the driver will inch the car into the pre-stage beam. He or she will then set the transbrake and begin building boost. With the transbrake engaged, the Bump Box button (can be a transbrake type button, a headlight dimmer, a horn button, or similar) is used to stage the car. Once in, the transbrake is released to launch the car, as normal. In essence, the Bump Box temporarily overrides the transbrake.

The Bump Box is adjustable, using a pair of knobs (both a “fine” and “coarse” adjustment) on the face of the device to make minute changes in how far the car rolls forward and at what rate it does it. The driver can also dampen the movement by “Bump Box’ing” through the brakes, as Davis explains it. While this rate of movement can be measured in actual distance, Davis (and the device itself) measure it by the length of time the signal i applied to the solenoid, which, combined with a number of variables from tire size to engine RPM, converter, and drag, create a specific distance the car will more forward based on one operation of the Bump Box

The BB-200 Bump Box

The BB-200 is used on transbrakes that only have the positive wire available for connection, and the ground is inside the transmission, also known as a “1 Wire Solenoid”.  The BB-200 interrupts the positive battery voltage signal to the solenoid to allow for precise movement when the “Bump Button” is pressed.  The “Bump” is easily adjustable with two dials on the face of the unit, to allow for easy adjustments without confusing digital interface.

The Coarse knob increments in 10 millisecond steps, while the Fine knob increments in 3 millisecond steps.

These increments can easily be changed by the user if a different increment is needed or desired. The unit also allows the user to adjust the amount of safety delay between the “Bump Button” presses, which prevents accidental “double bumps”, by following these simple procedures.


How to change default settings

The Davis Technologies “Bump Box” is the only device of its kind on the market today. By controlling the trans brake with a high speed micro processor, the car can be bumped into the second bulb with extreme precision & control! Allowing the driver to focus on the tree, and not worry about rolling the beams.
• Consistent Staging
• Consistent Launches / E.T.
• Better Reaction Times
• Lower 60 ft Times
• Stay In The “Zone”
• Build Launch Boost Before Staging
• One Touch Operation
• Allows For Lighter Brake Package
• Less Stress On Driver
• Allows More Aggressive Spooling

The BB-200 is used on trans brakes that only have the positive wire available for connection, and the ground is inside the transmission, also known as a “1 Wire Solenoid”. The BB-300 is used on trans brakes that have the ground wire of the solenoid available to the user, also known as a “2 Wire Solenoid”.

Additional information


BB200 (1 Wire Solenoid), BB300 (2 Wire Solenoid)


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