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Deluxe Rivet Squeezer Kit

$ 428.99

Our Rivet Squeezer Kit is designed to take on any riveting task. It contains the Heavy Duty Rivet Squeezer, a Bench Mount Kit, plus and extra 1-1/2" yoke head to reach into tight areas. You'll also get a complete set of squeezers and dimple dies in a convenient holder. See below for more information.

Hand riveters are good for their portability, but the biggest complaint is that they are exhausting when you have serious riveting to do. The answer to this was a bench squeezer, but at several hundreds of dollars, they are beyond most of our budgets -- until now! This new Hand/Bench Rivet Squeezer gives you the best of both worlds at a price you can afford. It's a hand squeezer that converts to a free-standing bench squeezer in under 10 seconds! Just pin it into its cradle and you have a solid bench riveter; and when you need to use it as a hand riveter, simply unpin it. This Hand/Bench Rivet Squeezer has the same design features as our other squeezers, including a 360 degree swivel head, and an adjustable ram. It uses all of the same yokes and accessories as the others, and will squeeze up to 3/16" aluminum, or 5/32" steel rivets.

* 1-1/2 & 3" reach with 1-1/4" opening
* Yoke swivels a full 360 degrees and locks into any position for greater versatility
* 5/8" adjustable ram eliminates the need for shims
* 21" Overall length



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