Drag Race 40 Spline Floater Axle Gun Drilled 300M 32 1/8″ – 36″

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Drag Race 40 Spline Floater Axle Gun Drilled 300M 32 1/8″ – 36″
Strange Drag Race Floater Kits

Drag Race floater axle – 32 1/8″ up to 36″
Machined from gun drilled 300M material
Gun drilling removes approximately 1 pound per foot

A modified 4340 steel with silicone, vanadium, higher carbon & molybdenum content
This is a premium material that is suitable for the most severe applications

It provides an additional 18% increase in impact and torsional strength over Hy-Tuf
The preferable choice in heavy cars with 3,000 or more horsepower
Typical applications include Radial vs. The World vehicles

Floater Axles Are Sold As Each


• 300M material
• .875″ ID hole bored entire length of axle
• Hobbed 40 spline with 45° pressure angle on both ends
• Involuted splines provide full surface contact area
• Major machining performed before heat treat
• Ensures consistent hardness & ductility
• Thru hardening maximizes material’s torsional strength
• Shaft finished machined after heat treat to eliminate runout
• Spirolox® prevents axle from shifting
• Black oxide finish to resist corrosion
• Material made in the USA
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

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