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Dzus Drill Jig

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Dzus Drill Jig

This little tool makes lining up holes for 7/16" or 5/16" dzus and dzus backing plates easy.

Drill a pilot hole where you want the dzus positioned and use the outer holes on the dzus jig for 7/16" Dzus and the inner holes for 5/16" holes.


Dzus quarter-turn fasteners are used in the drag racing industry for quickly connecting bodies and panels that need to be removed for access to components and are the industry leader for lightweight connections.

We carry a full line of Dzus Fastener Kits, Dzus fastener tools, and Dzus Springs

How do you measure Dzus?

Taking measurements of Dzus 

It is correct to measure a Dzus Fastener's length or grip from the base of the spring locking area to where the head meets the body. For flush heads and self-ejecting Dzus fasteners, the measurement is made from the top of the head to the bottom of the spring locking area.

How to Measure a Dzus Fastener





Dzus Diameter Measurement

Our inventory of Dzus include a variety of diameters. The shaft of a Dzus determines the diameter of the fastener. For an undercut style fastener, the diameter is determined by measuring the widest section of the shaft. The diameter of 7/16′′ Dzus is actually .406′′, not 7/16′′ (.437). BTW The diameter of the fasteners is displayed in fractions of an inch since they are made in the USA. Dzus are most commonly sold in diameters of 5/16" and 7/16".

Measurement of Dzus Springs

Springs from Dzus come in three sizes: 3/4", 1", and 1-3/8". The size is determined by the distance between the rivet centers of the spring. As a rule, 3/4″ Dzus Springs are used with 1/4″ diameter Dzus, 1″ Dzus Springs with 5/16″ Dzus, and 1-3/8″ Dzus Springs with 7/16″ Dzus.

How to measure Dzus fasteners spring




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