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Front Fuel Cell Mount Kit

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Front Fuel Cell Mount Kit

We've simplified the process of installing a front fuel cell with our front fuel cell mount kit.
Other offer front fuel cell mount kits are pre bent in a U-Shape but how wide are the bars?  Will it fit your car?
Our front fuel cell mount kit is designed to fit any size chassis no matter the width of your frame rails or size of your fuel cell or oil tank.
The kit is sent UN-WELDED with bars of extra length so you can cut it down and custom fit to your car.

Made from 1-1/4" .065 chromoly for the upper bar and 1" .058 wall chromoly for the lower bars.
We mount our fuel cells up front with the oil tank but on some applications you may want to only mount a fuel cell.


With only a fuel cell up front your fuel cell will be sitting in a very wide mount.  So we have developed a Fuel Cell Mount Kit Adapter so you can narrow the width of the fuel cell mount and still reach out to your frame rails. Check out our front fuel cell adapter.


Front Fuel Cell Mount Kit Adapter 2

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