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High misalignment polymer bearing

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These are the bearings we trust on our pro modified cars pedal assemblies. The housing is made from an extremely impact-resistant, long-fiber-reinforced polymer. Suitable for temperatures from -30 °C to +80 °C in long-term use.
In standard spherical bearings, the spherical ball is made from long-fiber-reinforced polymer, which is known for lowest coefficients of friction in dry operation and extremely low tendency to stick-slip.

22mm bore and 42mm OD.  Fits our chromoly bearing housing

Compensation of misalignment and edge loads
High vibration-dampening
Excellent vibration dampening
Suitable for rotating, oscillating and axial movements

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Large 47mm O.D. / 30mm I.D., Small 42mm O.D. / 22mm I.D.


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