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Premium Chassis Table

$ 35,000.00

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Hey we know 35k is a lot of money.

We do have another table for sale that's darn good and only 8,000 including fixtures.

Call us at the shop 636-239-5033 or email for information on that table

But below is the info on the premium table

Building a great car starts with a great base and there is no better base than this chassis table.
Here at Andy McCoy Race Cars we had this table custom fabricated and ground dead flat and has been our main chassis table in our shop for years.

Yes it is expensive but if you are serious about building the best drag racing chassis this is what you will take you to the next level as a race car fabricator.

- 1" thick Blanchard ground chassis table designed specifically for drag racing
- 20'L x 6'W x 17"H
- V-Groove machine lines
- Center lines
- Rear center lines
- Wheel base center lines w/1" offset stagger
- Billet Fixtures pictured are included
- Engine mockup block and fixture for proper motor angle
- Leveling Pads for proper leveling of table

Shipping is not included


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