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Professional Engine Stand Cart

$ 469.99

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Professional Engine Stand Cart

When your engine repair requires it to be removed from the vehicle,
our Engine Cradle is a secure support for easy access to all sides of the engine.

Tubular rear uprights with large plates can be modified to fit other motor applications if necessary. Stands are recommended to fit Big Block, Small Block Chevy and LS motors with motor plates.
Heavy duty construction with dual wheel casters.

Designed to fit motors with front motor plates and all accessories, such as oiling systems, air pumps, dry sump    tanks,etc.

Unique front tubes accommodate any height or angle.
Two large ½ spring loaded locking pins secure stand during transportation.

28"W x 7.5"H x 27.25"D (Collapsed)
28"W x 17.5"H x 27.25"D (Extended)


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