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Rear 4-Link Housing Bracket for a blower car

$ 61.10

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Chromoly Rear 4 link bracket for Blower Car

Our 4 link housing bracket are designed with the upper 4 link bolts positioned further from the axle than a bracket for a nitrous car.

You can be sure these 4 link housing brackets are made to our high quality specifications with precise hole locations and smooth profiles giving you ease of installation and use.

These housing brackets provide you with all the adjustability you need to send your car down the track straight and fast. These brackets feature a hole spacing of 1"

• Thickness: 1/4"
• Material: 4130 Chromoly
• Axle Tube Hole Size: 3-1/2"
• Hole Spacing: 1"
• 4-Link Bolt Size: 1/2"

1/8" thick 4130 upper doubler plates and lower doubler plates are available to increase the thickness around the holes to 3/8" for added strength and longevity.

For proper structure between the housing brackets use our 4 link gusset strip.  While welding use 4 link spacers to maintain proper distance between the 4 link housing brackets.

4 link bolt holes are machined to fit 1/2" NAS bolts no reaming necessary

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