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Stroud Safety Air Launcher Drag Parachute Kit -Black

$ 808.00

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Stroud Safety Air Launcher Drag Parachute Kit -Black
Stroud Safety air spring launcher drag parachutes have over 35 years of testing, refinement. They are designed to open reliably and softly, pull straight, stop sooner, and be packed easily by one person. They won’t pull your car off the ground and they pull low and straight back, stopping your car in a much shorter distance than conventional parachutes. The parachutes include a pneumatic air-powered launcher that eliminates the pilot chute and their inherent problems. The air spring launcher is designed for cars using an onboard air system and is lighter than the mechanical spring launcher. Get down the track and then stop safely with one of these Stroud Safety air launcher drag parachutes.

Size 32. Includes large air launcher system, large pack and large launcher bag.

Please click the charts and guides for weight and speed parameters regarding proper parachute selection.

Learn how to pack a Stroud Chute here



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