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Stroud Safety Super Comp Drag Parachute Pilot Chute Kit -Black

$ 383.00

SKU: AMRC-ATC-STS-400-01 Category:

Stroud Safety Super Comp Drag Parachute Pilot Chute Kit -Black

Parachute, Model 400, Black, Bridal Cord, Small Pack, Small Deployment Bag, Small Pilot Chute, Kit

With over 25 years in the business, Stroud Safety has established itself as the premier name in automotive parachute technology. Stroud Chutes are well-known for always opening softly and predictably. These chutes have been designed so one person alone can pack them quickly and easily in about 5 minutes. Stroud Chutes don't pull the car off the ground; they pull low and straight back, opening softer and more reliably than conventional chutes. Ultimately this technology stops your car in less distance than any competitor chute.

Learn how to pack a Stroud Chute here

Selecting the correct chute size for a race car is critical to how the chute performs.
To determine the proper size, use the following chart (Dual Chutes are required for cars over 200mph)

You can purchase the launcher kit here



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