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T-Bolt Band Clamp 2-3/4″ to 3-1/16″

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T-Bolt Band Clamp 2-3/4" to 3-1/16"

Cheap clamps lead to failures and failures lead to accidents and possible injury.  Drag racing is a dangerous sport and minimizing risk is important.  you may not think of something like a clamp to be important but it is.  Could be on a fuel line or holding your front engine plate down with one our saddle mount.  Don't cheap out on your T-bolt band clamps.

These are high quality stainless steel T-bolt band clamp.  Heavy Duty T Bolt clamps are stronger than using a regular hose clamp and are designed to provide uniform pressure for a positive and reliable connection.

Don't trust cheap clamps.


  • High Strength Clamping
  • Floating Bridge liner
  • 3/4" band width
  • 201 Stainless steel band and housing
  • 302 Stainless steel bolt and nylon insert locknut


  • Band Material: 301 SS
  • Screw Material: 302 SS
  • SAE: 60
  • Band Width: 3/4"
  • Min. Inches: 2 3/4
  • Max. Inches: 3 1/16
  • Min. mm: 70
  • Max. mm: 78
  • Torque Range: 150 in/lbs
  • Hex Screw: 7/16" Nut
  • Pack: 1
  • Unit: EA
  • Type: Heavy Duty Clamps

Additional information

T-Bolt Band Clamp Size

1-1/3", 1-1/2", 1-5/8", 2", 2-1/4", 2-3/4", 5-1/4" (Fire Bottle Clamp), 6-3/4" (NOS Bottle Clamp)


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