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Hurst Line Loc / Roll Control

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Roll Control Provides Positive Locking Action!
Used primarily in drag racing to provide positive locking action to the front wheels to reduce the chance of ”Rolling the Lights” and produce more effective burn outs for heating the tires. Rigorous testing has proved a 1/100,000 of a second release time, and vibration tests have seen up to 30 G’s applied without mechanical failure. On the street, off-road, or as a temporary ”Hill Holder”, roll control engages when both the clutch and brake are needed at the same time. On/Off switch readily available to the driver for quick release of the locked wheels. For 12V negative ground systems only and adaptable to most domestic and import hydraulic brake systems.


This product is also referred to as Line Loc, Line Lock, Stage Control, Launch Control, Brake Control, Anti-Roll, and Roll Stop. It should not be used as an emergency brake or for any application requiring extended solenoid activation.

Features & Benefits

Quality stainless steel valve assembly for ultimate corrosion resistance
Fully-enclosed epoxy-molded electrical coil for reliability
Attractive finned aluminum housing helps dissipate heat
Wider lightweight base provides better mounting stability
150 micron filtered ports prevent contamination
Extra threaded port for separate bleeder or brake line pressure gauge
Serviceable for cleaning or rebuilding


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