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TIG Welding Video Course For Racers

My #1 Secret to Tig welding

Have you had a hard time getting good quality welds?  Have you struggled to get that stack of dimes? 

TIG welding is the fastest and easiest way to fuse metals in a confined environment. It’s the perfect solution for all fabrications / repairs. These skills make this both a useful tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

TIG welding has a wide range of applications and the greater your knowledge of how to TIG weld, the better.

TIG welding course

So how do I get better at TIG welding and make a good job?

I have been teaching people to TIG weld for decades and it always comes down to this one main point.

The secret to great tig welding is focus

FOCUS on what you are welding and think about what you are doing. 

So you are probably saying ok Andy that seems too simple.  There’s probably a setting on my welder or a certain brand of welder that will make me a better TIG welder.

I am telling you NO those thing won’t make you a better welder.  Do they help?  Of course they do but it’s not what is holding you back.

Every student I’ve taught how to TIG weld has to learn how to focus.

Don’t be thinking about all the problems in your life.  Don’t be thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner.  

Clear your head and only think about where you are going to place that next puddle and think about the rhythm of the pedal.  Look at the puddle behind where you are and where you are going.

This is where you mind should be always focused on the weld at hand.

No if you think this sounds too easy trust me it’s not.  It’s not easy to keep that kind of focus and it takes a lot of training and practicing your mind to stay focused on what you are doing.

Learn TIG Wedling

But if you keep working on it and practicing you will be able to achieve the welds you are looking for. I truly believe that after teaching so many students how to tig weld.

Over time you will develop a pattern to your tig welding.  A weld is a lot like a signature and is unique to each person. You are able to tell a lot about a person by their signature.  And you can tell a lot about a welders ability to focus by looking at their weld.

Keep practicing keep pushing forward and keep FOCUSED.