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What’s the best TIG welder and why do I recommend it?


I’ve been TIG welding professionally for decades and people always ask me which is the best TIG welder I should buy? Maybe they are getting started in TIG welding or even those who have tried and struggled with their GTAW welding always ask me which TIG welder they should buy?


As a professional welder, I would say that the Miller welders, specifically the 210dx and 280dx are the best all around TIG welders on the market today.  THey are the easiest to learn and offer a superior welding experince.


Miller welder
Miller welder

I know that is pretty specific advice. If you read on I will tell you what I look for in a welder.  The Miller welders really stand out to me in a variety of ways.


Pricing the best TIG welders

Let’s be honest, for many the price tag of these welders is a difficult obstacle to overcome.  But let’s think for a moment about the price.  Are you welding as a hobbyist?    Then maybe this isn’t the right welder for you.  But if you are TIG welding for a paycheck you really need both versatility, durability, and portability.  In my case I build race car chassis.  Would I strap someone into a car and send them down the track at 150 to 200mph in a car welded with a cheap welder?  I just wouldn’t risk the life of someone like that, it would be irresponsible and could get someone killed.  Spending extra to ensure quality welds is worth it for that reason alone.

Will it last?

Yep in the case of Miller you do get what you pay for.  Durability is an important factor when I choose a best TIG welder.  Our shop is fortunate to have multiple welders but I remember back in the beginning if that welder went down the paycheck went down.  I promised myself then and there that I would only buy quality.  I can’t afford to lose time due to my equipment failing.  Time is money, you know.  Granted you do need to take care of and service your equipment.  You can’t treat it like garbage and expect it to perform for you.  We added the water cooler.  Other welders tend to heat up real quick limiting the time we have to weld

TIG welding course

The Miller 280 is just smooth.

It’s just the smoothest and the best TIG welder I have used.  It might sound weird to describe a welder as smooth but that is exactly what it is.  When I give it power I know that arc is going to hit right where I expect every time without exception.  We weld in some really tight spaces and knowing where that arc is going to hit is so important.  The foot pedal is large and engages real smooth as well.  Having that easy moving foot pedal really helps with the rhythm needed in TIG welding.  

At 52lbs. attach the shoulder strap and take it anywhere.  I’ll take it to the race track, hook it up to the generator and weld right in the trailer.  A few years back we split a converter right down the back in the quarter finals.  I had my Miller 280 with me and was able to weld that ½” Aluminum converter back together and we got two more runs out of it until it finally failed.

One of the cool things about the Miller welder is that it takes just one tungsten for everything, Whereas we used to use a pure tungsten for aluminum and a 2 % thoriated for steel.  Now I can use my 2% thoriated for everything.  It can help a person who is not a very good welder look really good.

I hope this helps you out as to which best TIG welder to buy.  Just to let you know we don’t sell Miller welders or make any money recommending them this is just my honest opinion.



A lot of guys get frustrated with TIG welding thinking it’s just too hard.   Maybe you are one of them?  That’s why I have developed an online course where I go through my technique of TIG welding that I have develOped for over 25 years.  If this sounds good just click below.




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