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Finally a TIG welding class made for racers

Watch why Andy created this course

Imagine being able to build your own chassis from start to finish


No need to hire a builder.  No longer having to call every week and ask where’s my car.

You now have complete control over the schedule and quality of your car.  Work when you want on your project and build it just the way you want.


Take Control of Your Build

Stop worrying about your car being done right and take control of your project by learning how to TIG weld yourself.


Save Money

Imagine the savings from not hiring a welder.  Now you’ll be able to spend that budget where you really want.

Every racer is looking to save money.  Just think of the savings of not have to pay a chassis builder to TIG weld a cage.


Andy McCoy TIG welding

Andy McCoy started his drag racing career over 28 years ago.  He started building street rods and then decided he wanted to go all in and race Pro Modified’s.  So he built his ’57 Chevy from scratch TIG welding every piece of chromoly himself.

Andy has built his chassis fabrication company into one of the premier chassis shops in the world.

For the last decade Andy has taken his chassis building skills to the track and has built many championship winning cars.


I’ve been teaching racers how to TIG Weld for decades!

You Can Learn How To TIG Weld

As a welder with over 25 years of experience, I can tell you that Yes you can teach yourself how to TIG weld. I did it and so can you.  Sometimes you just need a little help or a bit of advice to point you in the right direction.

I have put together an online course that will teach you everything you need to know to be able to TIG weld.

Student reviews are great and 100% of students said they would recommend this online TIG welding course.

If you want to learn how to TIG weld and have no experience in the field, this is the perfect course for you!


TIG welding course

Lesson #9 Controlling Heat Ranges

What’s In My TIG Welding Course?


The course is broken down into easy to follow video sections and I will teach you everything you need to start TIG welding.

You’ll learn about:

Safety Equipment

Machine Setup

Torch Heads

Sharpening Tungsten

Filler Rods

Controlling Your Heat Range

And more!

I show you how to weld aluminum, stainless steel, chromoly, and mild steel with confidence.

By the end of this online TIG welding course, you will have all the knowledge and confidence necessary to start getting paid at a job or even starting your own business!



TIG welding course

Lesson #7 Sharpening Tungsten

Anyone can learn TIG Welding

Over the years I have taught many many people how to TIG weld and everyone of them has gone on to great things both personally and professionally.

I am proud to have been an influence in their lives and give them a skill they could take with them and change their future.

I learned more from Andy than I ever did in welding school.  Wish I would have found this class first

Brandon S.

I had a hard time finding welding classes. I did find one at community college, and a “Welding for Artists” class  I was glad I found this class which was far less expensive and more flexible.

Tony F.

For less than the cost of a welding helmet this class taught me the skills I needed to start TIG welding.

Steve T.

Ok, So How Much Is the TIG Welding Course?

Unbelievable Value at only


Lifetime Access

15 Lessons PLUS a Bonus Lesson

Watch online anytime

Honest one-time pricing

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TIG Welding Class

Is this TIG welding class right for me?


16 easy to follow video lessons

Will get you from zero knowledge to confidently TIG welding

Watch anytime

Watch anywhere

Learn at your own pace

Learn exactly what you need to TIG weld without the fluff

Gain confidence and TIG weld like a master.

I have put 28 years of experience into this class

For a limited time the price has been cut but I won’t keep it this low forever.

Start earning money using your new TIG welding skills


What’s in our TIG Welding Class?

Lesson #1 Introduction

Lesson #2 Welding Safety

Lesson #3 Machine Setup

Lesson #4 The TIG Torch

Lesson #5 Torch Head Parts & Accessories

Lesson #6 Older Welding Machine Overview

Lesson #7 TIG Welding Tools

Lesson #8 Sharpening Tungsten

Lesson #9 TIG Rods

Lesson #10 Controlling Heat Range

Lesson #11 Welding Chromoly Tubing

Lesson #12 Welding Small Tubing

Lesson #13 Welding Aluminum

Lesson #14 Welding Silicon Bronze

Lesson #15 Conclusion

Lesson #16 Bonus Lesson

Unbelievable Value At Only


Lifetime Access

15 Lessons PLUS a Bonus Lesson

Watch online anytime

Honest one-time pricing

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TIG Welding Class

TIG Welding Class that’s easy to follow


I personally have made sure that this is the easiest way to get started TIG welding.

Taught by a seasoned professional where you can learn at your own pace.

As with anything in life the more you practice the better you will become and the same is true for welding.

This class will give you the tools that open up the world of TIG welding for you.

Are you ready to TIG Weld with Confidence?

Unbelievable Value At Only


Lifetime Access

15 Lessons PLUS a Bonus Lesson

Watch online anytime

Honest one-time pricing

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TIG Welding Class

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