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Will our drag race car body kit fit your chassis?

We want to address a question that we get quite a bit here at Andy McCoy Race Cars, and that’s, if one of our carbon fiber or fiberglass car bodies will fit their chassis.

We hear from a lot of guys saying, hey, I got a factory 69 Chevelle or a 70 Duster drag car.  I’ve got the main clip, but I want to run your composite doors and your carbon fiber front clip.  While it’s possible that you could, if you’re a fabricator, you could go back into reverse engineering what we did to try and make it fit your application but our fiberglass body parts and our carbon fiber race car parts don’t fit a factory body.

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We really appreciate everyone’s questions and their desire for our car bodies. However, it’s very difficult for us to know whether or not it’s going to fit your chassis. Typically, our drag racing bodies have been cut and chopped and channeled so much that it really doesn’t resemble a factory body anymore.  Your race car chassis setup is unique and we won’t be able to give you the answer if our body kit will fit your car’s chassis.  So it’s just really tough for me to answer that question because our bodies are so radically different from the factory versions. 

Yes, they can be modified, but it’s going to be a lot of work to reverse the changes we made from the factory body to fit your chassis.  In the end, it’s probably going to be heavier than what you had anticipated. So, my thought on that is if you want to build a 69 Chevelle. Or whatever it is that you want to build, do your homework before you even start the project to know your chassis, buy a set of blueprints and build a chassis specifically for the body you want to run.

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While I really appreciate that everybody thinks that I’m like a chassis god or something. I’m not, I’m just a normal guy that builds race cars. What we built here in the shop is from our blueprint for what we do and how we do things and how we design our car bodies and our drag racing chassis.

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We don’t really do a universal race car chassis.


A 69 Chevelle, 57 Chevy, a 70 Duster, or the 79 Corvette car body shells are  just so radically different to be able to fit to any chassis or today’s newer model cars they’re making such as the new Camaros and Mustangs.  

So I hope this answered a lot of your guys’ questions on will our composite car bodies fit your car?